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I am an author, writing consultant, publisher, author and accomplished freelance writer with over 18 years’ experience.  In addition to my  own writing, I am passionate about helping other writers. I  was the founder and former director of Northern Colorado Writers and now I do individual consulting with writers. My  background in teaching and enjoyment of helping writers, has led me to present at writing conferences across the country including the Writer's Digest Annual Conference in NYC, the Novel Writing Conference in L.A. and Willamette Writers Conference in Portland. 

My work has appeared in publications such as, Writer’s Digest, Alaska Magazine, The Writer, the Children's & Illustrator's Market and six Chicken Soup for the Soul books. For the past six years, my article, “How to Find Success in the Magazine World,” has been featured in the Writer’s Market. I am the author of seven books, all published under my  label, Hot Chocolate Press and I am currently working on a Magazine Writing Guide for  Writer’s Digest with a scheduled release date of June 2018.  Click Here to see a complete list of 


Twitter: Kerrie_Flanagan

Instagram: Kerrie Flanagan