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100 Haiku for the 80s Generation
By Dean, Kerrie & Carmen

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The 80s. A totally rad decade when hair was taken to new heights, we all wanted our MTV and everyone knew the answer to, "who you gonna call?" The Breakfast Club enlightened us about detention and Marty McFly took us back to the future.

And Then I Smiled
by Dean K Miller

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And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete finds grace in life's simplest moments. Through poems, essays and stories, readers journey from beaches, mountain streams and city parks to destinations in realms seldom visited, both inside and outside the physical world...

 Beauty Surrounds Us
by Kerrie & Suzette

BeautySurroundsUsFrontCover HotChocolatePress

In this stunning book of words and images, Suzette McIntyre and Kerrie Flanagan illuminate this thought, portraying beauty in all its aspects through striking photography and inspiring poetry...

 Bobbing for Watermelons
by April J. Moore

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In the small town of Brookwood, Iowa, forty-one-year-old food columnist Helen Munson, unappreciated by her two teenagers and her lazy husband, longs for more out of life, but hasn’t a clue how to make that happen...

Claire's Christmas Catastrophe
Kerrie Flanagan

Claires Christmas Catastrophe cover Small

10-year-old Claire loves Christmas. But this year a horrible Christmas Eve blizzard leaves her stuck in the house with her annoying twin brothers, no electricity and she can’t be with her friends...

Claire's Unbearable Campout
by Kerrie Flanagan

Claires unbearable campout front cover

Claire and her family are off on another adventure. This time they are heading to the Rocky Mountains for a camping trip.

by Dean K Miller

Echoes Cover

Deep within us are places we avoid, wellsprings of despondency and tenderness. Tangled among suffering, happiness, confusion, and love, a voice silently waits...

Granny Bob's Homestyle Cooking
by Kelly Baugh

Granny Bobs Homestyle Cooking take 2

In a world where there are more diet and cooking fads than you can shake a spoon at, it makes sense to return to tried and true favorites that have been passed down over the generations.

Miss You Once Again
by Kelly Baugh 

Kelly Front Cover

After her Nana’s death, Lee, an independent young woman from the mountains of Colorado returns to her childhood haunt in Eden Grove, Mississippi to single-handedly settle her grandmother’s estate.

Odyssey of a Monk
By Dean K Miller

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A young boy, orphaned in a faraway land, is taken in by a local Buddhist temple. In his teenage years, he contemplates his future. The Odyssey of a Monk follows his life, chronicling those he meets and the teachings he receives. This story is but one of many possibilities.

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Passing Through
by Jenny Sundstedt

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Sometimes the past does not rest in peace. Even on the other side.

Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie
by Kerrie Flanagan

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In Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie, Kerrie Flanagan's lighthearted essays remind us that time spent with family is always an adventure! ...

Kerrie & Suzette

ReflectinFinal Updated Cover 600

In the mid 1800's Henry David Thoreau immersed himself in nautre to ponder life. After two years of seclusion he wrote, 'Walden Pond,' which was his reflection on simple living and self discovery.

The Mysterious Miss Snoddy
by Jim Campain

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Frightened by their new teacher, Ava, Ellie and Griffin are not excited about the new school year. Their fear is replaced with curiosity about Miss Snoddy. Every day she wears old-fashioned clothes smelling of moth balls and lace-up, black leather shoes.

The Paths We Take 
By Kerrie & Suzette


The places we end up in this life depend on the paths we take. Some paths are smooth, some bumpy, others wind, but all of them are laced with emotion. Kindled by Robert Frost's 1916 poem, "The Road Not Taken," Suzette McIntyre and Kerrie Flanagan explore the paths we DO take.

Weeping Kings & Wild Boars
By Jerry Eckert

 They trusted him. Kings, Prime Ministers, dedicated civil servants and a few of the world’s poorest folk trusted the late CSU Professor, Dr. Jerry Eckert and together they worked to change the world...

 Write Away
By Kerrie & Jenny 

Write Away FrontCover 110

Write Away: A Year of Musings and Motivations, combines monthly insightful and humorous stories about writing, with tips, tools and interactions that encourage writers to reflect on where they are and where they want to be...