Books to warm your heart, nourish your soul & spark your sense of adventure


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Hot Chocolate Press has a great selection of books sure to warm your heart, nourish your soul and spark your sense of adventure. As we head into the holiday season, consider getting books for your family and friends and support local authos at the same time. 

Page-Turning Fiction for Adults

  • Passing Through
  • Bobbing for Watermelons
  • Miss You Once Again
  • When The Wolf Comes

Gift Books

  • Beauty Surrounds Us
  • The Paths We Take
  • Reflection
  • 100 Haiku for the 80s Generation
  • Granny Bob's Homestyle Cooking

Children's Fiction

  • Claire's Unbearable Campout
  • Claire's Christmas Catastrophe
  • The Mysterious Miss Snoddy; The American Revolutionary War
  • The Mysterious Miss Snoddy; The Underground Railroad

True Life Stories

  • Weeping Kings and Wild Boars
  • Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie


  • And Then I Smiled
  • Write Away
  • Odyssey of a Monk


  • Echoes