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Growing up the older sister of twin brothers was not always easy—at times it was downright infuriating. I guess I even told my mom after the boys were born and home for about a week, to take them back now.

2016_Flanagan_Eddie and Chuck then and now

My parents say I was an easy child. I smiled a lot, slept through the night and I breezed through the twos without an ounce of terribleness. When other parents would complain of sleepless nights or temper tantrums, my parents would listen but couldn’t comprehend. My glory in the spotlight and my mom and dad’s skewed view of parenthood ended after two and half years with the birth of my brothers, Chuck and Eddie.



Kerrie Flanagan is the author of Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie and The Trouble with Two children's series, all of which include, Chuck & Eddie.