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Words & Images Coffee Table Book
Beauty Surrounds Us
by Kerrie & Suzette

BeautySurroundsUsFrontCover HotChocolatePress

In this stunning book of words and images, Suzette McIntyre and Kerrie Flanagan illuminate this thought, portraying beauty in all its aspects through striking photography and inspiring poetry...

From the tender touch of a child to the deep lines of old age, a simple reflection in a pond to the streets of Florence, Beauty Surrounds Us, captures the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that beauty is everywhere, but we must open our eyes and let it reveal itself. Settle in and immerse yourself in a fresh new view of the world.

It makes a wonderful holiday gift for those special people in your life. 

 Sample pages from the book:

BeautySurroundsUs Horses Small   ThroughTheDoor BeautySurroundsUs smaller