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Passing Through
by Jenny Sundstedt

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Dana Parker didn’t expect to find herself dead at age thirty-four, stuck in limbo, and working as an afterlife counselor. But she likes her job helping the newly departed unload their emotional baggage and move on. 

She gets along with her coworkers. For the most part. And the coffee is decent.Dominic Micelli is no typical client. As brash and angry as he is handsome, he was the only person of interest in his wife’s disappearance. He insists he is innocent. Torn between suspicion and sympathy, Dana agrees to do what Dominic cannot and return to the living world to seek his truth.

She soon learns that commuting between life and afterlife presents complications that go way beyond traffic jams and office politics. Not even death always wipes the slate clean. As Dana is drawn deeper into the secrets of her client’s past, she realizes she must finally face the dark ones from her own.

Dangerous complications. Even for a dead woman.


"I found myself reading it into the early hours of the morning because I had to know what happened. I cried, laughed, cried some more, just all around found the book very enjoyable and not like others of its kind. And have already reread it. I'm hopeful for future novels by this author."

"As a mystery reader, I was intrigued by the unique premise of this book. I liked the idea of the protagonist returning from limbo to determine the guilt or innocence of her dead client. Though I usually read books rapidly, I found myself slowing down and savoring the writer’s delightful descriptions"

"This amazing book caught my mind and heart and I couldn't put it down. The plot is so unique and fascinating, I've never read anything like it. The author's writing grips your attention and her character development has you chuckling, cheering, gasping, and sighing. I promise, you've never read anything like this either! Great book!"


Passing Through was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Awards.  


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