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100 Haiku for the 80s Generation
By Dean, Kerrie & Carmen

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The 80s. A totally rad decade when hair was taken to new heights, we all wanted our MTV and everyone knew the answer to, "who you gonna call?" The Breakfast Club enlightened us about detention and Marty McFly took us back to the future.

100 Haiku for the 80s Generation will have you flash dancing your way through this gnarly era with these awesome haiku.

With only 17 syllables, each poem will ignite a memory, transport you back in time, and have you dancing footloose faster than you can say, "where's the beef?"

This full color gift book is perfect for everyone who "came of age" in the 80s, those who refuse to leave the 80s behind and those who never want to forget what an awesome decade it was!

10 Reasons the 80s Were So Awesome!

Excerpts from the book:         

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"This book is so much fun to read! If you grew up in the 80s, you will relate to every clever haiku throughout this book."

"Super fun going through this book! A bunch of 80's Haikus that trigger a lot of great memories. Anyone who is a fan of the 80's (or knows a fan of the 80's) needs to get a copy of this book!"

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