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In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, the Hot Chocolate Press moms got together to talk about being a mom and also about their moms. Kelly Baugh, April Moore, Suzette McIntyre and Kerrie Flanagan share what they like about being moms, memories of their moms and even a mom haiku. 

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Tell me about your family

Suzette: I’m married with one 28 year old daughter, who by the way, was born on Mothers Day

April: Married with 17-year-old son

Kelly: I have been married to my best friend for nearly 18 years. We have a 12 and 14 year old, two hyper huskies (who are a lot more work than the kids) and one rabbit.

Jenny: Married to my high school sweetheart; two boys ages 17 and 15.

Kerrie: Married for 25 years and we have three children; two sons: 34 and 23 and one daughter: 21

My favorite thing about being a mom is:

Suzette::Watching my daughter grow and expand her world

April: Learning all the things that he teaches me.

Kelly: How it took away the illusion of control in my life. It has taught me so much about patience and the beauty of putting others' needs ahead of mine, which in turn has transformed me into a much better version of myself. I am so thankful for my children; they have lead me to a place of grace.

Jenny: How much my sons make me laugh and how much they teach me.

Kerrie: Watching them grow into adulthood. They make me proud and they always make me laugh. 

Write a haiku about being a mom:


The time went so fast
You grew up and flew away
My daughter, my friend

This Old Soul chose me
Shows me a world I'd not known
and how iPhone works

Before only me
Now you two: infinity
Heart and soul open

years fly by too fast
little boys become young men
making me so proud

My kids make me smile
They are fun to hang out with
Cheers to family!

My offspring rolls his/her eyes when:

Suzette I look in the mirror and don’t take aging as gracefully as I should,

April:  I tell bad jokes (that I think are pretty funny)

Kelly: I say, "so I have a few chores for you today..."

Jenny: when I suggest they take hat/coat/water bottle/sunscreen "just in case."

Kerrie: I say, "I wonder where those searchlights lead."


My mom is a great...

Suzette: My Mom is a great supporter and my biggest cheerleader

April: My mom is a great listener.

Kelly: Growing up, my mom was great because she let my sister and me be ourselves. We could wear whatever we thought looked nice (a lot of times it didn't), decorate our rooms how we wanted (even if it was bizarre), color our hair crazy shades (and learn the lesson of over-bleaching the hard way), etc. Because of this, both my sister and I are very self confident about our choices, artistic preferences and life trajectories. It was a wonderful gift.

Jenny: My Mom is a great supporter of dreams, especially the big ones.

Kerrie: My mom is a great encourager who has always gave me the freedom to try new things. 


What is a memorable piece of advice your mom gave you?

Suzette: Whenever something doesn’t quite happen as fast as I want it to she always says: “Delayed by Design”

April: Don't let people should on you. (You should do this; you should do that.) Do what makes you happy!

Kelly: Start as you mean to go.

Jenny: Remember to smile and breathe.

Kerrie: Family comes first AND It's never too early for happy hour. 


Happy Mother's Day to our Moms and Moms everywhere!

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