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make today ridiculously amazing smallIt feels good to roll over in the morning and catch a few more winks of sleep, but you know what feels even better? When you throw those sheets aside, hop out of bed and begin the day. Make the choice to wake up a little bit earlier tomorrow and accomplish one extra thing that might not have gotten done, had you gone on dreaming.

We are what we think about all day long. We attract our thoughts, good or bad. Just for today, shift every bad thought to a good one and every negative vibe into a positive one. Watch for the profound results as the day unfolds before you.

positive choices

Our lives can move in many directions, but discomfort and fragmentation lie in overload, and then nothing gets done. Today, say no to anything that will move you away from the dream you are chasing.

Just say no

There are circumstances we can do nothing about. Fretting about them clouds the extraordinary things that lie before us. Release one concern today and fell the euphoria of a burden lifted.

courageWaking up early, staying positive, and hard work will bring us great success in life. But no matter how high we climb, we need to stay humble and remember kindness along the way. Go out of your way today to smile sincerely and listen deeply.

Stay Humble


This last one will take no effort if you grasp the first 5. If every day you wake up, keep a positive mindset, say no, let go, work hard & be kind, your days will be nourished beyond all comprehension. You will fall in love with life and life will love you right back, helping you to fulfill every adventure you dare to dream.

Fall in love with life


 Suzette McIntyre is an award-winning photographer and the co author of, Beauty Surrounds and The Paths We Take



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