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A couple years ago a few friends asked me to go to Sedona with them to experience the healing energy of the vortexes (or vortices) there. A vortex is believed to be special areas on earth where there are spirals of healing energy. Some say a vortex is powerful enough to take giant leaps in our spiritual development.

Being unfamiliar with this concept, it sounded intriguing. I'm always up for some renewed energy, especially with friends! 

It was a great trip and I returned refreshed after a half dozen vortex tours, hundreds of photos and lots of wine, friendship & laughter. But, as usual, within days I was back to my daily busyness and the 'vortex high' quickly faded to a memory.

EvanescenceCoffeTableBook Small2(Page from the coffe table book, Reflection)

How many times have you gone on vacation and experienced a euphoric sense of peace and pleasure, only to be let down upon returning home?

We vow to get back there soon so we can revitalize ourselves.

As great as it feels to go on a rejuvenating get away, believe it or not is possible to experience that euphoric sense of peace right in your own back yard. 

In other words, we actually can bottle those intoxicating, peaceful moments (as the above poem reflects) and experience them anytime we want. Peace isn't someplace we travel to.  Peace is about being in the moment, and about a relaxed state of mind.

In this relaxed frame of mind, we are more aware of our surroundings, more apt to laugh and listen, colors seem brighter, we breathe deeper, sleep better, even food is more satisfying.

Fleeting moments of euphoria come and go, but if you really want a more fulfilling life day by day, remember:


Next time you're feeling the stress and chaos of everyday life, pause for a minute. 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. 

Come into this moment.

Feel the swirling of deep warmth as you look inward. 

That swirling is your vortex within emerging with healing energy to bring you the peace and euphoria you long for.



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