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As a writer, I need to connect with my readers. That, of course, is after I figure who “my” readers are. So when I began to formulate the idea that gave birth to the Haiku For You Project I knew I needed to figure out who my readers would be and how to connect with them.

Against medical advice, former teacher Pat Solitano is discharged from a mental institution by his mother and moves back home with her and his overbearing, Philadelphia Eagles obsessed father. Determined to get his life back together and his bipolar disorder under control, he sets out to win back his ex-wife, who has a restraining order against him. An introduction to an equally complicated Tiffany, creates tension and drama for Pat and forces him to face the realities of his life.

bobbingforwatermelons 175In Bobbing for Watermelons, Helen is a middle-aged housewife who takes steps to reinvent herself: joins a gym, gets a new ‘do, buys a new car. While these are effective ways to present a new you, might I offer three, unconventional methods, for reinvention:

Kathleen Kelly has a comfortable life. She has a nice apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a nice boyfriend and owns a small children’s bookstore given to her by her deceased mother. Her world is shaken up when she finds out Fox Books, a large discount book store, is opening near her.


Here is a fun, inexpensive craft meant to nourish your soul as you create it and as you use it to draw or write in. A big thanks to Hot Chocolate Press author Kelly Baugh and her daughter for sharing this craft. 

Travel is great for writers. The more you see and experience, the more it informs your writing. But successful travel, especially with a family, depends heavily on the convergence of many factors, including work schedules, finances, school programs and projects, dog kennels, cat sitters, and how long it has been since someone in the household last threw up. It’s a miracle anyone goes anywhere. Especially if an airport is involved. (Thanks, TSA.)

Hysterical scene from Bobbing from Watermelons, by April J. Moore, involving a classic Pat Benatar song, high school prom & a dance-off with 2 moms.

Quick Setup: Middle-aged Helen is on a quest to reinvent herself after realizing she leads a boring, uninspired life as a mom, wife and part time food columnist for the local paper. In this scene, Helen is volunteering at her daughter's high school prom when she is confronted with her nemesis, Nadine.

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, the Hot Chocolate Press moms got together to talk about being a mom and also about their moms. Kelly Baugh, April Moore, Suzette McIntyre and Kerrie Flanagan share what they like about being moms, memories of their moms and even a mom haiku. 

WeepingKingsFrontCover small2

I am honored to announce the release of Weeping Kings & Wild Boars; Moments of Magic and Sorrow in Forty Years Trying to Save the World. This memoir by the late Jerry Eckert has been in the making for many years and I wish he was still around to see the final results of all his hard work. I think he would be pleased with the book. I want to share with you the story behind this amazing memoir and how it came to be.

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 Hot Chocolate Press Author & Poet, Dean K Miller and Poet Lorrie Wolfe  speak with Rich Keller on the NCW Podcast.  CLICK HERE to Listen.

 Among the topics discussed:

In honor of National Watermelon Month, here is a quote from April Moore's book, Bobbing for Watermelons.

Bobbing for Watermelons meme

The first Hot Chocolate Festival at th Boarwalk Gallery in Windsor was a huge success. Visitors stepped out of the cold and into a winter wonderland. The hot chocolate bar warmed everyone up and brought smiles to many faces, as did Suzette McIntyre's artwork.  Hot Chocolate Press authors read selections from theirbooks to a full house of eager listeners. It was a wonderful night and we look forward to doing it again soon. 

Video to make you smile:

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