KerrieFlanagan3 PhotoCreditSuzetteMcIntyre Closeup 600The retreat is hosted by Kerrie Flanagan, a freelance writer, author, consultant and publisher based in Colorado with over 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry. In addition to her own writing, she is passionate about supporting and encouraging writers to reach their dreams.

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As the founder of Northern Colorado Writers and the Director for 10 years, she has worked with hundreds of writers. She loves helping writers succeed. Whether that is working with them to strengthen their manuscript, providing advice on the publishing industry, helping them through the self-publishing process or providing them encouragement to keep going, Kerrie is happy to share her insight and knowledge about writing and publishing. 

Her writing experience includes hundreds of published articles in magazines like Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Better Homes & Gardens and Alaska, as well as many others. Six of her stories appear in various Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She is currently working on a book for Writer’s Digest that is due to be released in June of 2018. She is the author of 8 books, all under her label, Hot Chocolate Press. Throughout the year she presents at writer’s conferences and she also consults with writers from all over the country. 

Complete list of her publishing credits is found here:

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Client Comments about working with Kerrie

“I wrote a great story and received pings of interest from agents/publishers, but wasn’t getting representation. I needed help from a professional editor. Kerrie showed me where my writing hindered the story and detracted from a reader’s experience. Her critique—which was specific, while encouraging—helped strengthen my manuscript, elevating it from a great story to a polished project ready to be pitched. Wow! I have learned so much working with Kerrie and am excited to query anew. My only regret is not seeking her services earlier. I highly recommend Kerrie Flanagan!”

"Thank you so much! For truly taking it to the next level! And giving us the next step! You are a Godsend in this project and we are so thankful we found you and you were/are willing to work with us!"
--Brooke & Cyndi 

"I reached out to Kerrie for a consultation for tips on breaking into the freelance world, particularly for magazines. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to. I gained so much from my one hour consultation, that I trusted her to critique/edit a very personal essay that I had just finished writing. Her suggestions were so helpful, with just simple structure changes that made the story stronger, while keeping the integrity of my writing and voice. I now feel more confident venturing out into the freelance world knowing I have Kerrie in my arsenal."

"Kerrie has a remarkable talent for linking the writer’s talent and interests with the medium that is a proper fit. She has instructed me on how to use The Writer’s Market manual, directed me toward research resources, given me exercises to improve my writing style, and been available to offer advice and counsel. Kerrie has helped me focus my writing on my expertise, helping me refrain from becoming too scattered. If you are an aspiring writer, and hope to display your talents in magazines and newspapers, Kerrie will guide you through the steps and help you achieve success!"