"You do not need anybody's permission to lead a creative life."  
Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Being a writer is a calling.  For some, it happened when they were growing up, for others like me, it happened a little later in life. Regardless of when the desire hit, if you are drawn to writing, then by all means, write. 

For 20 years, I have fueled my need to write through freelancing, poetry, children's books and creative nonfiction. I have hundreds of articles published in national and regional publications. In addition to my own writing, I am passionate about supporting and encouraging other writers to achieve their dreams through individual consultations and classes. 

I enjoy presenting workshops at writer's conferences and events where I combine my background in teaching, with my passion for guiding and helping writers, in every workshop I lead. If you are interested in having me present at an event you can Click Here for more information.

Writing is a journey and everyone has their own path to follow. I hope you find yours and that you find success along the way.

Happy Writing!