Kerrie Flanagan

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Are you trying to decide whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is best for you? Are you unsure of the best way to find the right agent? Do you have questions about the publishing industry in general?...

Have you ever thought about writing for magazines and want to know how to get started? Do you feel scattered in your writing life and you need to figure out the next logical step? Are you stuck with your manuscript? I can help you answer these questions and any others you might have regarding publishing, your work in progress and your writing life.

I offer free, introductory 15-minute consultations to help you get on track. I am passionate about helping writers find success so email or call me today to set up your appointment and get one step closer to reaching your dreams.


Testimonials from Past Clients

“I received pings of interest from agents/publishers on my manuscript, but wasn’t getting representation. I needed help from a professional editor. Kerrie showed me where my writing hindered the story and detracted from a reader’s experience. Her critique—which was specific, while encouraging—helped strengthen my manuscript, elevating it to a polished project ready to be pitched. Wow! I have learned so much working with Kerrie and am excited to query anew. My only regret is not seeking her services earlier. I highly recommend Kerrie Flanagan!”  — Julia Ash

"Kerrie has been so much more than an editor. She has been a coach, a mentor and a friend. Her guidance has taken my writing to a level I never thought possible. I just don’t know what I would have done without her." — Chuck H.