Kerrie Flanagan

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~Helping you find that perfect home for your manuscript or article

 Do you want more time to write? 

 Do you dread spending hours researching agent guidelines or markets for a potential article?

Then let me help you.


 I have been gifted with a rare super-power that gives me the ability to effectively sort through writer’s guidelines and writer’s markets to find those perfect fits and interestingly enough, the whole process brings me immense joy. Just like a great realtor who finds you homes that fit your criteria, I can match you with reputable literary agents that represent your genre or magazines looking to publish articles related to your topics of interest. 

Spend your time writing and let me delve into the market research to find the perfect home for your manuscript or article. Invest now and move toward success sooner. My turnaround time for the report is 72 hours.  

Agent Finder $195

  • Detailed report based on the information you provide based on a questionnaire I send you
    • Names of 10 literary agents  
    • Current contact informationo Website link
    • Other books this agent represents
    • Formatting guidelines
    • Response time
  • Confidence in knowing this is a reputable agent

Magazine Finder $195

  • Query critique
    • Detailed report based on the information you provide questionnaire I send you
    • Name of 5 magazines that are a good fit for your query
    • Current contact information
    • Website linko Average pay rate
    • Query guidelines

Contact me today. Let’s find that perfect agent for your manuscript or that perfect home for your article. 

Kerrie Flanagan
Freelance Writer, Publisher and Writing Consultant with 17+ years experience

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