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Mission and Vision

At ChocoPress, our mission is to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers around the world by becoming the ultimate online destination for everything chocolate-related. Our vision is to create a platform that celebrates the art, science, and sheer pleasure of chocolate in all its forms, while educating and inspiring people to discover, indulge, and share their passion for this delectable treat.

Company History

ChocoPress was founded in 2015 by Colleen Castillo, a seasoned entrepreneur and chocolate enthusiast. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the food industry and her unwavering love for all things cocoa, Colleen embarked on a journey to create a digital space that encapsulated the magical world of chocolate. With dedication, perseverance, and a highly skilled team, ChocoPress has transformed into a reputable online platform that keeps chocolate lovers young and old captivated.

Founder – Colleen Castillo

Colleen Castillo, the driving force behind ChocoPress, is a well-respected figure within the chocolate industry. A visionary in her own right, Colleen has spent years immersing herself in the tantalizing realm of cocoa, mastering the art of chocolate making, and continuously experimenting with innovative flavor combinations. Her expertise, sharp business acumen, and sheer passion for chocolate have propelled ChocoPress to unprecedented heights.

Website Purpose

The decision to launch ChocoPress was born out of the recognition that there has not been a comprehensive online resource dedicated specifically to chocolate enthusiasts. Recognizing the need to fill this void, we set out to create an authoritative and engaging platform to bring together chocolate lovers from all walks of life. We sought to curate the world’s finest chocolate recipes, discover intriguing stories behind chocolate brands and manufacturers, and provide a wealth of information on chocolate production, health benefits, and consumption.


At ChocoPress, our primary objective is to cater to the needs and desires of both seasoned chocolatiers and chocolate novices alike. We aim to become the go-to destination for everyone who wants to experience the joy and wonder that chocolate has to offer. By sharing recipes, interviews with experts, product reviews, and educational content, we strive to inform, entertain, and inspire our audience, ensuring that they develop a deep appreciation for all aspects of chocolate.

Target Audience

ChocoPress has been meticulously designed to cater to the diverse tastes and interests of chocolate lovers from around the globe. Whether you are a professional pastry chef seeking the latest chocolate trends or an occasional home cook looking to spice up your dessert repertoire, ChocoPress welcomes you. We aim to create a vibrant online community for chocolate connoisseurs, culinary enthusiasts, avid readers, health-conscious individuals, and anyone seeking to unleash their cocoa cravings.

Unique Value

What sets ChocoPress apart from other websites is our distinguished team of experienced and highly skilled editors and chocolatiers who work tirelessly to bring you exquisite content. We scour the world to discover the most captivating chocolate stories, provide you with expert tips and advice, and showcase diverse perspectives on the chocolate industry. Our commitment to quality and accuracy allows us to offer a reliable source of information that engenders trust among our readers. Through our dedication, we strive to present chocolate in its purest form, embracing its elegance, richness, and soul-satisfying joy.

Join us on this chocolatey adventure. Delve into the extraordinary world of ChocoPress and ensure that your every chocolate desire is fulfilled!

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